Location: Underway to Singapore

I can’t believe I am already saying this, but it’s day 56. It’s day two of our passage to Singapore, and everyone is falling back into the underway routine. We live a simple yet beautiful life onboard Argo ” eat, sleep, class, watch, try to do work (i.e., often watch a movie or play games) and then repeat. Today was an especially busy today, however. We must have tacked more today than we have the entire trip. Waves were, and are still, pounding at our bow, and the wind always seems to be blowing in the wrong direction. To counteract our misfortune, we zig-zagged our way up into the wind headed towards Singapore.

Furthermore, there was a constant sign of squalls and even a waterspout that had to be avoided this morning. While watch team one was on deck (Jack, Hunter, Mark, Mandy, Giulia, and Desiree), all hands were called up in order to assist them. It’s never surprising to be called on deck when not on watch, but when I poked my head out of the companionway, I was shocked. Initially, sheer terror washed over me, but I then realized the miniature waterspout in the distance had already passed far off on the side. I learned that the waterspout was never of major concern, and I was then able to appreciate the beautiful sight we had just passed. Around dinnertime, watch team three experienced difficulties while lowering the fisherman sail, which resulted in Jack being hoisted up the main mast in order to attach a new halyard. The process was painstaking, and another tack was required, but we were rewarded with a delicious stew made by Laurie and Katie, as well as biscuits baked by Hunter. On another note, our one and only Anna are now 18! It was the second birthday in a row (mine being yesterday), and I hope she feels the age difference more than I do ” if anything, I feel younger. We’re all looking forward to Singapore, the showers, a pool, and contact to a home. We’ll be in touch in Singapore, goodbye for now.