Location: Richard's Bay, South Africa

Today has been an unusual day compared to the rest we’ve had on the trip so far. To the best of my knowledge, it’s the first day where we have truly had nothing planned. There was no schedule, and it left us with a day to relax and air out. The day started with a slightly later than normal breakfast; that’s a great way to begin a day onshore. Then, apart from a few people who volunteered to go provisioning with Britt and a few more who had a PSCT meteorology exam, we had the day to ourselves. Sure, most of us (including myself) had to finish our literature review papers for Oceanography, but we did so on our own time. That meant a stop to get ice cream, as well as a long stop at a local restaurant for some much-needed internet timepeople left in groups and in waves. The boat was never empty, but neither was it ever full. We planned our own mini excursions into the surrounding marina, which left me with a certain sense of freedom. I better wrap this up, though, since we’re going to have another night out onshore, and we need to do our nightly “squeeze” beforehand. Even our night out is a little looser than normal, no planned dinner, and a curfew of 12. Today has been and, at the moment of me writing this will, for another 6 hours continue to be a great day.