Location: en route to St. Lucia

Today was a flurry of activity for the crew of the Ocean Star. We started off the day with a nice early sail – at 5 am, we were called upon deck to raise the sails and head out to St. Lucia. It started off calm, with the watch teams rotating between sleeping and tending to their duties. As we got further from land, the waves grew larger, and we were rocking around quite a bit. But the waves weren’t the exciting part – we were joined on our voyage by a little pod of humpback whales! The first one was spotted by our scientist, Nick, who saw the plume off in the distance. The course was altered, and we tacked so we could get a closer look. We saw the tail flukes and eventually, the whole body as the whale surfaced for a bit. Among them was a juvenile, who came as close as 20 meters to the boat! After an exciting sail, we reached our mooring point and turned our attention to a good BA, giving Ocean Star the love and attention that she deserved. Once we were satisfied with our boat cleaning skills, we relaxed for the remainder of the evening, exhausted from a busy day.