Location: Falmouth, Antigua

Hello, all friends and family! Today was a bit of a different one, as it was raining pretty much the entire day. Apart from dropping the starboard anchor in the morning, most of the day was spent in the saloon, being introduced to academics and playing some fun games. Drew introduced the leadership course, and Ben introduced the Marine Biology course, which is really exciting! We had a little bit of downtime before lunch as it was a bit too treacherous to go swimming or scuba diving. After lunch, all of us were either introduced or given a refresher on RDP tables (recreational dive planner) and had some lessons on some of the important knots that we will need to know moving forward. Drew gave us a crash course on the bowline, figure 8, reef, clove, round turn, two half hitch, barrel, sheet bend, and double sheet bend knots. Some are definitely much easier to pick up than others, but I am confident in our ability to get all of them down in no time! After that, we did an icebreaker activity involving creating wanted posters for each other based on their likes and interests (nothing criminal), which turned out to be a really fun activity. We then had some time to take showers, with many of us embracing the rain and having a fun time swimming while washing ourselves (Check Photos). We then had some downtime where we played some Pictionary and some card games. Drew really appreciated the lovely drawing that Evan created of him during Pictionary. We then ended the day with a delicious spaghetti bolognese made by Kackie, and some of the uncertified scuba divers are currently taking some quizzes so they can get in the water tomorrow! The weather tomorrow is supposed to be really nice, so it’s looking like we will resume normal procedures and finally get some underwater action for the first time, which is super exciting!