Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island, BVI

Today we began our first leg of the journey aboard Ocean star. To start the day, we had a delicious meal on the deck and then went into learning more about how to use our safety equipment. After receiving our scuba gear, we had to all go into this small, very hot lazarette (laz) storage area below deck to hang our gear to keep it out of the way while we sailed to our first destination. Let me tell you, this place is HOT. With minimal wind blowing during the day, everyone was hot and uncomfortable until we all jumped into the crystal clear, light blue Caribbean ocean. I believe most of us have spent more time in that water than out of it, and it is so much fun jumping in and out of that beautiful water. After spending about an hour in the water, our ship’s crewmate Jon brought us for a trip to the store to go grab some snacks before we headed to Peter Island. He said to grab whatever you’re going to miss most because it’ll be about a week before we come in contact with civilization again.

Our journey then began around noonish when we left Tortola and said our goodbyes to land for the time being. We were all very excited to be on our way to this next destination and see some sea life along the way. But before we finally left Tortola, we finally saw our first sea life- a sea turtle that had breached the surface and said goodbye to us. After we left, we traveled for about an hour and a half before we got to Peter Island. While admiring the grand landscapes around us, many of us filmed and took unbelievable photographs, which are posted below. After we had connected to our mooring line, we got to do our final dive into the water for the day and perform our swim tests. All of us then played pass with an orange in the water while we trod water and learned more about each other, and had a great time. Today was my first day as skipper, and I begin my first anchor watch tonight at 4 am. I made a lot of great friends today and can’t wait to make it even more tomorrow.

Signing out,

Pictured: Ocean Star last night on the dock; Tortola views; sights around Tortola during our snack walk this morning; Jon and Carolyn in the cockpit; Amy on the dinghy; students on deck during our short passage to Peter Island; Joseph and Amanda chefing in the galley (viewed from through the gopher hatch on deck).