Location: Green Island, Antigua

Today, we started our day with uncertainty. Would our fridge get fixed once and for all? Would we get to Green Island today? The answer to both these questions is yes and yes. After a pleasant morning in English Harbor we were ready to leave, especially since there was an explosion of tourists inundating the areas from a cruise ship that had just entered St. John. Many of us were able to find delicious lunches before we departed, putting everyone in a good mood for a sail. On our sail to Green Island, we practiced our newly learned navigation skills with some watch teams finding more success than others. My watch team, unfortunately, showed Ocean Stars position as being on land, so clearly we need a little more practice, but I’m sure that soon well all be pros. Or at least will end up with a position in the ocean. Although we reached Green Island in the dark, we got to see a beautiful sunset over mainland Antigua that tipped the island with gold. Soon we will have cake to celebrate our youngest crew-members 18 birthday! Nate has now joined the ranks of the old and wise on Ocean Star. Welcome Nate, welcome.