Location: Bali, Indonesia

This morning after 17 epic days at sea we pulled into Bali Harbor, thus marking the end of our Indian Ocean crossing and Argo’s second longest passage. When we received word that our route had changed, we didn’t know what was in store for us. So we turned the boat around and bravely sailed 2600 nm the “wrong way” to Bali, a distance comparable to crossing the United States. The weather was uncertain: monsoon season was at our bow and we were sailing into a strange countercurrent, but the gods were favorable (many heads were shaved in sacrifice, including mine) and we were soon whisked away towards Indonesia by the elusive equatorial current. The morning started early with docking in the Bali Marina, clearing Argo and its crew, and a lengthy Boat Appreciation ensued. The rest of the day we were free to explore Bali before returning at 5 pm for a crew dinner and night out at the marina restaurant on the water. Spirits were high, smiles were ubiquitous and today there was a general feeling of accomplishment among all the Argonauts.