Location: Avatiu Harbour, Rarotonga

The day began with half the group going to church and the other half going diving. For those of us who attended, the melodious hymns sung in the local tongue and the vibrant garb made for an enriching experience. After church and the morning dives, the group came back together for lunch. My group went for a dive after lunch, and in my opinion, it was the best dive yet. The choppy surface conditions made for a challenge initially (Amanda made us be navy seal divers who worked efficiently and in sync to get us safely into and under the water), but once below we had a pleasant experience. The reef was healthy and full of life. We saw three hawksbill sea turtles amongst many other marine creatures. After the dive, we had some free time on board, a rarity. During this time, we caught up on sleep, studied for upcoming exams, and checked in with family. The day concluded with a delicious spaghetti dinner served with homemade rolls followed by an oceanography class.

Looking forward to another day in Rarotonga!

Pictured: Garrison and Anastacia in the galley; sunset in the marina; stained glass windows in church this morning.