Location: Underway

This morning started off with dolphins swimming alongside the bow as our watch team lowered the flying jib (which I later got to lead the raising of in the afternoon). Being skipper on passage is all about making sure things run on time and helping out however necessary. Sometimes that means helping the gophers bring up food or other times helping the deckies give Argo her nightly wash down, complete with a chamois dry off. We all work very hard to keep Argo looking good. As much fun as we have, it’s not always easy, especially on passage. The waves out here on the Indian Ocean love to get Argo on her keel, which means a lot of added saltwater on deck as we scurry to keep our balance while washing her down. The staff and a few of the students walk across Argo as if they were walking on a smooth, hard road, whereas others like myself seem to go flying in whatever direction Argo turns as the waves crash against her hull. It’s honestly a lot of fun, though, like some kind of amusement park ride. Unlike some ride that only lasts three minutes this one goes on for 90 days, and I honestly cannot thank my parents enough for giving me this amazing opportunity.