Location: Underway

I started out this morning by being woken up by the sound of the rain and the crisp cool air. I crawled out of my mosquito net poured myself a cup of tea and went for a stroll down the narrow boardwalk into the dense rainforest environment. After I got back and found that our wonderful Indonesian chefs had prepared a delicious breakfast of French toast and banana crepes. Following breakfast we got led by our guides deep into the rainforest where we found a wooded platform with bananas and milk laid out and with a Tarzan-like yell from our park ranger. Orangutans started to appear out of the jungle, it was an incredible sight to see. After our little excursion we headed up river to visit a river village. It is safe to say the Argo crew bought out a whole shop of coconut cookies. The ride back to Argo was bittersweet as the sun set, leaving the rain forest behind and another stop gone by in this great adventure.