Location: Rarotonga, Cook Islands

This morning, we woke up excited for another day in Rarotonga. After starting out the day with some cereal, we moved into oceanography class while the staff dove around Argo for the anchor. We talked about geological oceanography for an hour or so, and then we started our lab. We tested things like the salinity, visibility, and pH of the water surrounding our ship. Afterward, we began our passage prep. Although it was cold and rainy, we were able to get most of it completed before lunch. After a quick lunch of hearty and comforting soup, we completed our passage prep and had a free afternoon. The crew much appreciated the free time on deck, some of whom took naps, played an intense round of Risk, or worked on various academic assignments. Maddie and Anastacia spent their afternoon helping out James in the engine room, which I’m sure will gain them some serious leadership points with Shelby! I personally had a fantastic nap, the feeling of which Sam summed up perfectly, saying, “I hope this big nap can tide me over until my next big nap in Tonga.” (This next passage is supposed to be pretty rough, so we know comfortable sleep may be hard to come by.) At dinner, it was also announced that Tim and Ian had found the anchor and the staff had worked together to reattach it and redeploy it, which was exciting news for us all! Tonight, we have our last seamanship class before our ICC (International Competent Crew) exam, probably followed by finally finishing up some old Risk games, anchor watch, and a relaxed evening in before we head to Tonga in the next few days.

Pictured: Shelby giant striding into the harbor to reattach the anchor; Emily and Kari during passage prep; Coral, Anastacia, and Emily during dinner.