Location: Whitsunday/Orpheus passage

We leave Townsville on one of our final passages. There is a pain in my heart as I know we have very little time left with these people that have become family. We left Townsville last night and after 11 hours of motoring into current and waves towards the Whitsundays, we decided to turn around and head to Orpheus Island. This happened because of time. It would have taken 36 more hours to reach the Whitsundays and that would have left us with no time to enjoy the islands before our passage to Cairns. With clear blue skies we about-faced and raised all sails, turned off machinery, and made extremely good time. Boomer enforced a mandatory watch team Alpha, meaning everyo9ne was on watch, but I don’t think he had to force anyone on deck since the weather was so nice. Whales became an hourly occurrence and we could see them frolicking in the water all around the ship. We arrived in Orpheus about an hour after lunch and proceeded to anchor and clean the ship. After dinner we prepared for a two hour OCE/OCB class. We watched a film, the original March of Penguins. This film was all in French, with English sub-titles. IT was really interesting documenting 3 emperor penguins. There were voices for each individual penguin and really amazing footage. Once the film was over we all retired to our bunks for a needed night of sleep.