Location: Darwin, Australia

Today we had a nice relaxing day in Darwin. After waking up to some deliciously prepared banana pancakes (thanks, Rachael, Max, and Hans!), we had an Oceanography class as well as an MTE review. After that, the day was ours. We dispersed throughout the city of Darwin. Some of the boys opted to do laundry, while others went to a reptile exhibit. Shipmates also perused some shops in the Smith Street Mall. Hannah, Sean, and I decided to find some WiFi and then hit up the grocery store for some snacks. Afterward, we met up with other shipmates and spent some time in the local wave pool.

While frolicking in the waves, we spotted a thunderstorm coming in. We quickly hurried back home (to Argo). While it did thunder and lightning, there wasn’t too much rain. We had to work together to prepare Argo for the waves and wind brought on from the storm. It’s pretty awesome to be able to apply the skills we’ve been learning over the past month. It’s also pretty amazing when we work together as a crew on something. But of course, the rain had to wait until we were eating dinner! After a speedy cleanup, we are now hanging out in the saloon and watching surf videos. Some of us are also studying for our MTE test in the morning. I think I’m prepared (thanks to Kevin’s help on the knots). I can’t believe I’ve been on Argo for an entire month! I guess time does fly when you’re having fun!