Location: Ko Samui, Thailand

With dawn break and the sun rising of the green hills of Koh Samui, another day of adventure come around. This morning was spent watching videos of sailors running up their masts and swan diving from the top while underway or conversely standing on the very bottom part of the boat (the keel) as the boat tips over and swan diving from that, again while underway. While nothing as extreme as these two publicity stunts for Hugo Boss happens on Argo, I think it typifies the very essence of what we are about and what everyone who steps foot onboard Argo is striving for, that next big crazy adventure. Tomorrow the shipmates take complete control of the vessel as they endeavor to take us to our next destination, Koh Tao, a relatively short 40-mile stint up the Gulf. While some may be forgiven for handing over complete control of a 130-ton vessel to their students, I am quietly confident that with the culmination of all their knowledge learned so far in seamanship and oceanography classes we will arrive in Koh Tao as if it had just been another normal day cruising the islands of Thailand.

This afternoon, while the majority ventured ashore in search of their next big plate of Thai food, Hunter and I donned our dive gear and set off to review another couple of required skill sets, moving him one step closer to completing his Divemaster course. After Hunter “taught” Laurie how to SCUBA dive, he headed ashore to join the others, who were found throughout Ko Samui. Some new treasures in the form of souvenirs, gifts for family and friends, or the new addition to the wardrobe came back to Argo with our students this afternoon, along with stomachs full of Pad Thai and mango shakes. Back on board, everyone enjoyed swimming during showers, some lounging in Hunter’s new purchase of the green inflatable mattress. We have now completed the post-dinner cleanup, and the PSCT students are taking their tides and currents exam while the rest of the crew completes passage prep for tomorrow’s journey.