Location: 10 09.27'S 107 18.34'E

Today marked our last full day underway on our passage from Bali to Christmas Island! Christmas will be the second to last stop before the much anticipated Indian Ocean crossing. Making way on Argo is a full twenty-four-hour job, manned by three diligent watch teams. Whether it be sitting bow watch, performing boat and engine room checks, or actually helming the vessel, everyone is working very hard to make sure everything is ship-shape and running smoothly during the passage. Every so often, there are surprise emergency drills to keep us all on our toes. Today, everyone jumped into action as the fire alarm went off just after the VHF radio lecture. Watch team one set up firefighting equipment as the other two teams prepared life rafts and grabbed supplies to abandon ship. I dearly hope that no of us will actually have to perform any of these skills in a real-life situation, but it’s important that we all know what to do in case of an emergency.

Other than the emergency drill today, it felt like a pretty typical day on Argo. We had an Oceanography class in addition to the VHF Radio lecture in seamanship class. Everyone has been studying hard in their off time for the upcoming quiz, tests, an essay that will be due in various classes by the same we start our passage to Cocos. We also had some smiling faces emerge from the depths of their bunks. Elle, Sydney, Mara, and Jules are all feeling better and have been back up on deck today to help pick up the slack! All the watch teams today have had to perform sail trim and handling maneuvers to keep Argo making way at a good pace. It has been great finally turning off the noisy sail (main engine) on this passage and getting to do some actual sailing with all sails up! We had some great meals today, facilitated by Simon and chefs that have kept everyone in high spirits! We are all excited to get into Christmas tomorrow and continue on the next leg of our incredible journey!