Location: Sailing on to Barbuda

Day 57 saw Ocean Star leaving Antigua. The crew began preparing the vessel for passage and before we knew it Ocean Star was setting sail out of English Harbour and once again heading out to Sea. Everyone had a stellar time in Antigua, some of the highlights included, the greatest grocery store in the Caribbean, beautiful yachts, the colonial structures of the harbor, and the look out point up at Shirley Heights. After raising sails Ocean Star took off around the Eastern point of Antigua eventually tacking north and sailing for Barbuda. Most of the crew took to resting or doing class work during there off times, while a few stayed up on deck and found themselves singing “Old McDonald Had a Farm,” complete with actual animal noises, including Chicken, Tiger, Lorax, Elephant, and Turkey. Its funny the things you find to entertain yourself when you’ve been on a boat awhile. Fun times as always though.

As the sun set, we had dinner underway. We then sailed into Barbuda in the dark with the stars shining bright overhead and eventually dropped hook off the coast with waves crashing in the background. Unaware of what our new backdrop looked like, the crew went to sleep with much anticipation for the morning to see what this place was all about.