Location: Underway to Koh Chang

We woke up in Koh Samui to crepes and a beautiful sunrise. While the instructors went ashore to clear customs, we got the boat ready for our next passage to Koh Chang. After 80 days it finally feels like we know what we’re doing and we managed to have Argo prepped andready in just 30 minutes, giving us enough time to splash around in the oceanbefore leaving. There’s something about water that just turns the oldest, mosttogether people into complete children; it’s wonderful.We lifted anchor after lunch and spent the afternoon studying for our Navigation Master exam, practicing plotting and determining course to steer on our charts. In true college form, most of us napped before dinner. Kris and Laurie surprised us with a fabulous fusion of American and Thai cuisine: apple pie spring rolls.Clean up was followed with a can throwing contest. We lost several cans of beans to equatorial heat and had to rid the boat of them. Forrest brought a new level of intensity to the game when he started to count in Germanas everyone stretched their arms back before launching. Hunter, the crownedvictor, taught all of us an important lesson today in that short people can still throw.