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By: Leah S.
Foul weather gear becomes one of your greatest possessions on board a boat. When the seas are big, and the skies are dark, you spend a lot of time wearing that lime green hooded jacket and farmer-esque set of bibs. For the majority of the crew this passage, foulies have been the look of choice. You know the little kid that has just put on all their winter clothes, about ready to go out and play in the snow, puffy and hidden underneath all the layers, well that is the dress code on board for the time being. All you can see of each person is a tiny slit near their eyes, between the hood and the collar. Dont assume though, this stops all the chatter that occurs at all hours of the day and night while the watch teams are on deck. The laughing may be muffled by the wind and the collar of the jacket, but that only means the watch team huddles up closer together to talk about the hilarities of the current weather and life in general.