Location: Port Suez, Egypt

Today was a long and busy day, starting with our arrival in Port Suez at first light. Watch team three anchored the boat and started the cleaning process, and shortly a full BA was underway while we waited for clearance into the port. After a couple of hours and much confusion, we were cleared to enter the port and anchored in an open spot away from the dozens of tankers and container ships awaiting transit. We finished BA, had a delicious lunch prepared by Jill and Brittany, and then got ready to go ashore. Because it’s illegal to drive dinghy tenders in this area, we had to wait for our agent to come to pick us up in his motorboat, which eventually brought all of us to the yacht club. From there, we took minibusses into town and explored the side streets of Port Suez; ate some street food, enjoyed ice cream cones and cold sodas, played with kids, and generally observed life in the pleasantly tourist-free city. Back on board, we had some tasty pasta and brownies cooked by Chantale and are now getting ready for an oceanography quiz and seamanship class, followed by presentations on the areas we are visiting by Gigi, Justin, and Evan. Tomorrow it’s off to the pyramids!