Location: Cape Verdes

At 0800, we dropped anchor in a small bay inside the bustling port of Mindelo in the Cape Verde Islands. Local ferries and small inter-island traders were tied up alongside and rusty and expired freighters lay at anchor or foundered on the beach to leeward. Oddly enough, a US submarine was also in port, and its crew was busy in many of the same pursuits as ours: internet and junk food. After clearing in and cleaning the boat from a week at sea, we sent the crew ashore to assist with the daunting task of provisioning in small local markets for 30 people on an Atlantic Crossing. Everyone had some time to explore, and the reports were that the Island’s people were hospitable and kind, and the city was lively and colorful. We had carried two large duffle bags of clothing along on the trip to distribute in Cape Verde. Abby made contact with a local orphanage, and we transported the clothing up to the director. After an eventful afternoon, everyone was back aboard and ready to continue with preparations for our Atlantic crossing in hopes of getting underway tomorrow.