Location: The Saints

Our second day in the Saints was spent much the way our first day was, devouring baguettes, croissants, fresh strong coffee and enormous amounts of gelato. Beaker and I rose at the crack of dawn to get in another early morning run before a perfectly prepared breakfast (courtesy of Anne): french toast, appropriately. After breakfast we had an MTE class on winds and weather conditions at sea, and then shipmates were free to continue their explorations of the island. After yesterday’s group successfully began collecting data for a reef fish behavior survey, several students decided to come back to Ocean Star early to organize a research dive for their Oceanography projects. They collected samples of sponges to analyze regeneration patterns, and timed feather-duster worms’ reactions to disturbance. andlt;br /andgt;Back on deck everyone was in good spirits; heavily caffeinated and full from chocolate ice cream and coconut pastries. Just in time for dinner. In typical Ocean Star form, we poured on the hot sauce and still managed to eat enough to feed twice as many people. Our dinner entertainment: another spectacular viridian Saints sunset.andlt;br /andgt;