Location: Arriving in Townsville, Australia

Today was full of excitement. We saw land early in the morning and as the day progressed it became very clear this was not one of the small islands we had been visiting so far, it just kept growing! Argo kept up her amazing pace as we sailed towards land giving us many moments of excitement, especially eating lunch and doing clean up on a 30 degree keel at 10 knots. Another exciting moment came during OCE. A group of whales were spotted off our port side and gave us a nice 10 minute display breaching and slapping the water with their flukes and fins. For MTE class we did a heavy BA (boat appreciation) while we sailed and got Argo prepped for customs in Townsville. We finally motored into the marina around 8 pm and got inspected. We passed with flying colors of course. After finishing up with docking the boat, we all went off to bed eager to explore tomorrow.