Location: Underway to Gibraltar

Our last morning in the Azores was spent eating oatmeal, followed by cleanup aaannnndd sleeping in (by accident) (oops). Today was spent prepping Argo for our next passage, so as you can imagine, we had a list about a mile long of things to do! From coiling lines to checking bilges or stocking the freezer, everyone was super busy. We enjoyed a nice lunch of rosemary potatoes and veggies (thanks chefs), followed by our last chance to walk on land. Knowing that we have about a week at sea, everyone was scrambling to find that one salty or sweet snack they were craving on leg 1. My highlight from town today was when Alex and I bought ice cream on the way back from the gelato store..haha.
As we were leaving the harbor. Everyone was looking out and appreciating that last color of green that has now disappeared. Even though we spent such a short time on land, we saw so much of this beautiful place and took advantage of everything these islands have to offer.
We were also assigned new watch teams, so I am very excited to get to know some of the other students that are now on my watch team. Go, team 1!
As for the giraffes- after three days on land, our sea legs have weakened, so getting used to the rocking waves will take a small amount of time to adjust to. The baby giraffe metaphor was provided by our one and only Henry, who acts as if he is a baby giraffe learning to walk for the first time.
Dinner was amazing, and we were joined by a pod of dolphins for a few minutes, and followed by warm & gooey CINNAMON BUNS!!! What. A. Treat.
I am looking forward to this second leg and our next destination…Gibraltar!! It was so nice being able to talk to family and friends over the past few days, but we are off the grid again.
I love you, Mom, Dad, Lindsay, Caroline, and all of the friends and family who are following me on this adventure. Shoutout to Maria Joyce-Johnson.

Obrigada Azores!

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