Location: Gorda Sound, BVI

As the sun rose this morning, it found Ocean Star carrying 8 knots of speed at Round Rock Passage, the southern entrance to the Sir Francis Drake channel. Once we were through the passage, we took a moment to reflect on having literally come full circle and having crossed our own track from two months ago. I cleared the boat into the country while the students cleaned her up, just before lunch they took the dinghy into the beach attraction known as The Baths. Considered one of the most popular attractions in the BVI, the Baths can be recognized from being featured in magazines, catalogs, and movies as a backdrop for gorgeous models. After exploring the beach and caves at the baths, we motored Ocean Star over to Salt Island for one last dive. The group dove on the wreck of the RMS Rhone, a ship sunk in an 1867 hurricane that has since become the most popular dive site in the BVI.

By evening we had found our way into the sheltered waters of Gorda Sound. We were able to undertake a chart work review session in preparation for our seamanship final tomorrow morning!