Location: Gustavia, St. Barth's

The crew of Ocean Star woke up this morning to the beautiful sight of Gustavia’s harbor and a delicious breakfast of pancakes, compliments of our two New Orleans natives, Kelly and Andrew. Following breakfast, Dan went ashore to clear customs while the rest of the crew provided our loyal vessel with a mini on-deck boat appreciation. Once the deck was desalted and the sails covered, the divers prepared their gear for their Open Water #2 dive. While the majority of the crew enjoyed Gustavia below water level, Mariel and I visited the local grocery store, provisioning Ocean Star with fine French food for the next week. Once all 20 crew members were back on board, we hung our anchor and first-hand experienced line and anchoring handling of being stern to the dock. The rest of the day was allotted as shore time, providing an opportunity to enjoy the local cafes serving cappuccinos, baguettes, and crepes, freshwater shore showers, and the beautiful sights of the French culture in the Caribbean. The busy day ended with Mexican Night, a colorful sunset, and knowledge reviews for our new divers.