Location: Falmouth Harbour

Here we are, Day 16, 80% of the trip gone in a flash of an eye. It started with the great tune, “I like it like that,” to get everyone awake and ready for an adventure. The first thing (after breakfast, of course) was a hike on the Goat Path. The path is beautifully lined with air plants in the trees, goats on the ground, and beautiful panoramic views of both Falmouth and English Harbour. Some opted to do the longer trail that ends in Nelson’s Dockyard, while others decided to go find some lunch. After all the students made their way back to the boat, we decided an afternoon at the beach to play some games (and practice their VHF calls) was the best choice! After dinner, the remaining students went on a night dive. Some of which was their first night dive ever, woo!

As the trip nears its end, we try and remember 16 days ago when we were all strangers. It is hard to remember the first day, everyone pale and tired from their long flights. Over the course of the past 16 days, people have shown their true weirdness and greatness. We have created our own sphere on board with inside jokes about micro radish’s and hoons, learned how to dive and sail, and found that boats move around a lot, even at anchor. We watched at least 3 people today figure out the best way to go from dinghy to Ocean star in these waves, some successful and some….uh less so…cough cough Aurora. Tomorrow brings about a new day filled with more adventure, and we are excited to see what it holds.

Photo 1: Everyone overlooking English Harbour
Photo 2: Tenley and Kelsey enjoying their hike
Photo 3: Maddie and Caroline showing their rock balance
Photo 4: Ten showing her flexibility to Caroline, while Maddie shows her best dinosaur
Photo 5: Ten, Caroline, and Ellery playing peekaboo around Maddie and Jay
Photo 6: Miriam laughing at AK rescuing his flop
Photo 7: Everyone posing pre-hike on Pigeon beach
Photo 8: Kelsey and Kasey powering through an incline
Photo 9: Jay and Maddie being ‘happy’ while Kasey contemplates her decision to stand next to Jay
Photo 10 and 11: More from Pigeon Beach
Photo 12: Caroline being cold, Ellery fighting a make-believe swords person, and Maddie and Ten excited about rain
Photo 13: View from the hike
Photo 14: Jay laying an egg