Location: Gili Islands, Indonesia

After a packed 3 days in Bali, the crew mustered on deck at 2:30am to say a groggy goodbye. A half an hour later, I was back in my bunk sound asleep as watch group 1 stood watch on the way to the Gili Islands. As soon as we were anchored (and aced our oceanography quiz) the crew jumped off the bowsprit for our first ocean shower since Lizard Island! Congrats to Sean, who after some trials and tribulations is now a pro at swan diving off the caprail. In high spirits, the crew dressed up for Wills 21st birthday, sporting their new Bali sarongs, and enjoyed some delicious cake courtesy of Allisons baking! The sunset over the town was gorgeous but short lived, as storm clouds rolled in, a reflection of our apprehension towards our VHF radio test after dinner. Though the exam was hard I think we all did well, and the storm never hit, resulting in another incomparable night aboard Argo. Lema Oscar Victor Echo.