Location: Soufriere, St. Lucia

This morning, we were awoken to gray skies and rain, but following Reilly’s lead, many of us decided to embrace it and jumped in for a morning swim. The rain eased up during breakfast, and a particularly bright rainbow made its way through the clouds just in time for boat appreciation. After we gave Ocean Star a full deck wash, cleaned the dinghies, and organized everything on deck and down below, some of the marine park workers came to tell us about preserving the coral reefs in St. Lucia and the reef check dive we’ll be participating in tomorrow. The chefs made us a delicious lunch of coconut shrimp soup, and then most of the crew set out to explore a hot spring onshore. As we’re nearing halfway through the trip, midterms and projects are creeping up, so a few people stayed back to study and write oceanography papers. Later in the afternoon, the boys had a shaving party and were mostly back to clean-shaven faces. Tonight, we’re going on a night snorkel in preparation for our night dives that are part of our PADI Advanced Open Water Certifications. It’s been a great, chill day here on Ocean Star, and we’re excited to be exploring St. Lucia for the next several days!