Location: Tarragona, Spain

The crew awoke before sunrise this morning and gobbled down bowls of cereal before hoofing it off to the train station to catch the Catalunya Express bound for Barcelona. The train ride took about an hour which some used to catch up on a few missed winks while others read or chatted. We arrived in the city at 9:00 and then divided into a few groups depending on what sights people were interested in visiting. The metro was the public transportation of choice for most and carried us far and wide in our explorations. Sights that were popular included the Sangrada Familia chapel, a fine example of Antonio Gaudi’s famous architecture, as well as many of Gaudi’s other works throughout the city. Some visited the Maritime Museum and most everyone wandered down The Ramblas; a lively area of the city known for street performers and open air markets. The day went by quickly and before we knew it the time had come to depart for home. All were back aboard Argo by dinner time filled with stories from their urban adventure. After dinner the crew met for passage planning and preparation and then enjoyed a special presentation from MTE class- the “Around Cape Horn” video, narrated by renowned seafarer and father of sail training Irving Johnson. After the video the crew slept well after their long day of explorations.