Location: Gustavia, St. Barths

Today was our first day ashore in St. Barths. After a 7:30 breakfast, we loaded up in the dinghy and headed for town. St. Barth’s is full of fancy shopping centers and places to eat. Only a few of us speak French, the main language spoken on the island, so some of us got to play translator for the rest of the team. We all managed to communicate well enough to order food, whether it be burgers, sandwiches, or crepes; nobody went hungry. A few of us even found a store called American Gourmet, filled with lots of gourmet snack foods and sodas. Some of us went to Shell Beach to swim, soak up some sun, and find seashells. We also did lots of shopping in town. There were plenty of opportunities to find fun souvenirs to bring back to the family. After our big day in town, we took the dingy back to Argo and had spicy chili for dinner. Tomorrow we will be diving off the boat and surfing on the other side of the island, so tonight we’re turning in early in the hopes of being well-rested for awesome activities!