Location: Barbuda

The crew of Ocean Star was woken up to a massive swell rocking us in our anchorage, rousing us from our sleep in the most pleasant of ways. After quickly hoisting the anchor and moving our lovely boat to another, slightly more peaceful side of the island, we left for our frigate tour. We visited Codrington Lagoon, a huge, beautiful lagoon that is the nesting place of countless birds, most noticeably – the magnificent frigate bird. Frigates can live up to about 40 years and can have a wingspan of up to 8ft but never get any heavier than a chicken. When we returned, the sea had yet to calm down, so we headed off to St. Barths earlier than originally planned. We used our watch teams for the first time in a while, and watch team one was privileged enough to see O-Star sail wing on wing, with our mainsail on a starboard tack while our foresail was simultaneously on a port tack. We flew, and it was magnificent.