Location: Sandy Spit, BVI

What a great final day of the program here on Ocean Star! Although the morning started off bittersweet with everyone filling out paperwork and packing, the afternoon marked a perfect ending to an amazing 80 days. Once duffel bags were stowed in the foxtrot (focsle) or on my old bunk, we sat down for lunch and planned how we would spend our final free afternoon in the BVI. Some of us decided to go diving, but unfortunately, strong currents at the Playgrounds made it unsafe. With a quick change of plans, those who were diving were still able to do so one last time around the boat. The rest of us decided to head to the sandy beach and enjoy one last afternoon in the sun. We started off lounging on the sand, then began to toss a rugby ball around, followed by playing monkey in the middle. When the diving group joined us, we opted for a game of bulldog followed by an intense game of rugby encouraged by some tourists who were fans of the sport. After Nick shuttled us back to the boat, we did a quick passage prep followed by our last ocean showers (to which I may or may not have demanded a commemorative jumping picture of the shipmates). Dominique then prepared our last on-board dinner of pasta in creamy tomato sauce, followed by Monika’s slide show after clean up. As of now, the shipmates are writing their farewell cards to each other, and I need to get back to those, but make sure to check the blog for a final update. Thanks for reading!