Location: saba

Today, as usual, I woke everyone up at 7 am to a beautiful rainbow that stretched all the way across the sky. We ate a lovely breakfast of toast and fruit that was prepared by Elle and Steph. After breakfast, we got our dive kits ready and were picked up by the lovely people from Sea Saba. We dove in two different locations with Sea Saba (Babylon and Man’o’war). We saw some really cool stuff like Reef Sharks, Sting Rays, and some of the biggest lobsters we’ve seen in our lives. After diving, we came back to the boat and had a Seamanship class, in which we reviewed VHF radio usage. Following seamanship, we had some study time for our upcoming oceanography quiz. Peyton, Devi, Kelsay, Steve, Wiggy, and I also had a pretty cool hammock party. After that, we ate a dinner of Pho and Chicken soup. Tomorrow we are leaving for Stacia! Wish us luck on our quiz!