Location: Our Beautiful Argo

The final day is now upon us, which means that it’s time to give back to our amazing Argo as a thanks for keeping us safe and providing us with such a great adventure the past 40 days. We started early to try to avoid working on deck during the midday heat and by 10am the deck was scrubbed, polished, de-rusted, coiled, put away and shammied to perfection. As a treat for the 6am start Sam cooked everyone a big full English breakfast to help keep our strength up for the day. Moving below deck each and every bunk, cupboard, table, bench, head and floor were meticulously cleaned, followed by a group effort at the galley and saloon. All the shipmates worked extremely hard and their gratitude to Argo and great work ethics shone through until everything positively sparkled. With the work done it was time for Cinderella style transformations as everyone changed from dirty work clothes to their best glad-rags for the final group dinner out, farewell drinks and dancing the night away. With all the students leaving early tomorrow morning it will be an excellent way to enjoy the company of our new, but lifelong friends and say our last goodbyes before the early departures tomorrow morning. This trip has been an amazing voyage, thank you to everyone for working and playing so hard and being great sports. The crew and Argo would like to wish you all a fond farewell, good luck in all your future adventures and safe travels. Argo out.