Location: Underway to Australia

So not all that much wind to start with this morning, but there is always a chance of change; it’s just a matter of anticipation. Still, we’re moving according to plan, and the great southern land is slowly gaining beyond our horizons, which was slowly already showing because of the amount of Aussies holidaying in Vanuatu. Today’s class involved learning about the earths romance with the sun and the moon that causes the tides, a fascinating subject for the marine enthusiast or anyone who is living near the coast. Today we have a waning 10% moon phase, which doesn’t mean a great deal of importance for us mid-ocean but for collecting mud crabs in the top end this is great news, or equally, for dolphins around the world they will be looking to use these strong currents to catch squid around the riverways. But saying that it’s verging on a new moon so regrettably, it means for us very little moonlight for the next few nights ahead. Not to worry, though, because we have wind again!! Tonight we sail!! C’mon Aussie c’mon!! Roll on summer roll on!!