Location: Petit Piton, St. Lucia

Hello, loyal, lovely, luscious blog readers,

I hope you’re ready to hear about our absolutely killer day today. We started off with a good solid 6:00 am wake up. It’s just about the earliest I’ve ever been up in my entire life. After rubbing crusties out of our eyes and brushing our zubies, we grabbed our trusty type FIVE personal floatation devices and hopped on deck. Why did we need our PFD’s SOOO early, you may ask? I shall tell you. The reason is that our good captain Mr. Steve Greaves wanted to absolutely rip to St. Lucia as early as possible. Before we knew it, we dropped our stinky barnacle crusted mooring ball and set out for the high seas. Actually not the high seas, more like the low seas because the wind was quite dead. That’s okay, though! After a lovely brekky of banana bread, cheffed up the previous night by our lovely chef Mr. Burger, we hauled the sails up!

Okay, I am now going to describe to you, in vivid detail, Ocean Star and its spectacular crew on their sail from St. Vincent to St. Lucia. I recommend you close your eyes. Actually, no, don’t because you are reading this, but just try your best to imagine. Glassy waters and a horizon broken only by the sharp and jagged steppes of an island shrouded in a mysterious fog. A brazen and intrepid young crewman, the various lines and riggings for this spectacular gaff-rigged schooner. The smell of salt and sargassum fills the nose. A sun, unchecked and brash, beat down on them as they struggle to apply banana boat sunscreen and search for shade wherever it may be. A good sail. A good day.

By the time I had emerged from my nap for lunch, St. Lucia was visible on the horizon. The Pitons erect and noble against the light blue, midday sky. It was time for my team’s watch. We sat about in the cockpit discussing various matters of which I cannot currently recall. With Sash steering us on course before we knew it, we were approaching our mooring ball. We settled in a beautiful spot, under the shadow of Petit Piton, majestic and monolithic.

It’s now time for Marine Bio. Sash was teaching us about birds. Apparently, some birds are marine animals. I think I want to learn more about birds; they seem pretty cool.

We spent the rest of our day hanging out under the shadow of this beautiful mountain, enjoying the distinctly sulfuric smell this island seems to emit. Some of us showered, some of us went for a snorkel and others cracked down on some homework due later in the week.

We just finished dinner and are hopefully going are to go for a quick night snorkel off the boat, however according to the dish pit, there is a very strong current, so perhaps we will have to save it for another night. Amanda is hopping in the water right now to check it out. Cross your fingies!
(UPDATE: We went snorkeling, and it was sick.)

Well, folks, that’s just about it for tonight. The sun has set on us, and another marvelous day on Ocean Star concludes.

With love,
Your humble skipper,