Location: Underway to Cuba

Another epic day for the crew of S/Y Argo. With a little help from the Gulf Stream, we made good time in our passage from Key West to Bimini, Bahamas. Watch team 3 (aka Tres Amigos) brought us in the late morning. We marveled at the crystal clear turquoise waters (and shallow depth) as we peeked our heads over the side of Argo. We sent Captain Steve in to clear us into (and out of) the country, which afforded us the luxury of taking the much anticipated marine biology exam while stationary at anchor instead of underway in the rolling seas. We spent the rest of our time in the Bahamas bathing in the glory of the crisp, clean water for a swim call, ate lunch, and then we were underway, making way towards Cuba! Unfortunately, the Gulf Stream was working against us for the first part of the trip, but the seas are calm, and the orange glow of the sunset over the vast expanse of the ocean has put us in high spirits for the passage ahead.