Location: 5 Islands, Antigua

We have arrived on our final island! Big shoutout to our student leaders, Rob as skipper, Joe as chief mate, Taylor as our engineer, and Chelsea, McGee and Erik as our navigators, as well as all the student watch team leaders. I woke up for the 8-12 shift this morning and came onto the deck with the beautiful island of Antigua off our starboard and our watch team 1 leader, Caroline, and Fifi, looking eerily similar to the staff watch team 1 leaders. After a calm beginning of watch, it was time to get ready to bring her into Antigua. With everyone on deck, Argo’s sails came down, and we rolled into 5 Islands and dropped anchor. I set off to go provision food with Gabby, and the rest of the crew spent the afternoon putting the boat to bed and getting into some diving. The divemasters finished working on skills and briefings, and the Rescue divers continued with their skills in the water.
As the afternoon rolled around, the infamous Argo mini-pool table made a return, and Erik and Liam played some games on deck with Del as their referee. Others swam in the aqua-blue water around Argo, and some caught up on rest after the overnight passage. After a wonderful dinner of Buddha bowls by Will and his galley crew, I’m watching the crescent moon rise over our stern, and the night is coming to a close.