Location: Bequia

Today we awoke in Bequia, and after a marine bio class, we went ashore to visit Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary. After squeezing into a truck bed taxi, we arrived and saw the many hawksbill turtles, along with a green turtle. There were many hatchlings and a few larger ones who were about 3 or 4. We couldn’t touch the babies because we could transmit disease, but we were able to pet the larger turtles and grab some nice pics from underwater (being careful the entire time, as they bite!). The creator of the sanctuary, Brother King, told us stories of meeting Jacques Cousteau in his early free diving days, and of how he began the sanctuary. After visiting the turtle hatchery, we had optional lunch ashore. Some of us spent significant time and EC on necklaces, Hawaiian shirts, and some fancy hats, which will appear in photos as the trip goes on. We all then studied for our chemical oceanography quiz and had our curry for dinner, then ended the day with free time to study for our MTE midterm tomorrow.