Location: Maldives

This morning began with a dawn dive for thirteen shipmates. We woke up at 5:30 am to finish gathering gear and got in the water at 6 am. After a nice, deep dive, we headed back to Argo to wake up the remaining shipmates and had breakfast, followed by a quick cleanup. We then motored to a dive site and quickly set up our gear before lunch. After an amazing dive around the atoll, we pumped tanks, ate lunch, and cleaned up once again. Group two of the divers set out on their dive while the rest of the crew caught up on some work and rested. Once again, tanks were pumped, gear was set up, and our meal was prepared. After dinner, the wind and current started to pick up, and it was decided that the night dive which had been planned would have to be postponed. While getting ready for our nighttime marine biology class, we realized that our current anchorage was not a safe place for Argo to spend the night since it was close to a reef and the wind was very strong. We are currently motoring to a safer anchorage for the night, where we will drop anchor and have our marine bio class slightly later than planned. A wonderful and busy day was had by all!