Location: Similan Islands #8, Thailand

Early to rise,andlt;brandgt;andlt;/brandgt;The breakfast was too,andlt;brandgt;andlt;/brandgt;The unlearned were taught,andlt;brandgt;andlt;/brandgt;To dive the deep blue.andlt;brandgt;andlt;/brandgt;The intro to oceans was all but a bore, andlt;brandgt;andlt;/brandgt;Some left in the dinghy to check out the shore.andlt;brandgt;andlt;/brandgt;A sea turtle was seen off the port of the vessel,andlt;brandgt;andlt;/brandgt;We learned how to raise the fore and main staysail.andlt;brandgt;andlt;/brandgt;It ends with an intro to skipper like a pro,andlt;brandgt;andlt;/brandgt;Then meet in the salon for a good picture show.andlt;brandgt;andlt;/brandgt;andlt;brandgt;andlt;/brandgt;andlt;brandgt;andlt;/brandgt;andlt;