Location: Machico, Madeira

If you ever get the chance to go, check out Madeira, and while you’re in Madeira, if you find yourself looking into adventurous activities, and while you’re researching activities, if you stumble across rappelling into canyons/rivers/waterfalls? You should 1000% do it. Beto and Tiago (the excursion leaders) not only love what they do, but they’re a pretty great company to have on the side of a cliff. It doesn’t matter where your skill level is when you start because, by the end of it, you’re a pro at rappelling. Hiking around the rainforest in a wetsuit and freaky weird wetsuit shoes, climbing around rivers, jumping off cliffs, and lowering yourself down the side of a 45-foot waterfall are all things that you’ll find yourself doing more than just once on this experience. It was incredibly fun to do, funnier to watch others do, rewarding to get better at, and a pretty hard-to-beat way to take in the different environments that Madeira has to offer.