Location: Povai Bay, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Once again, the Argo crew woke up to a beautiful sunrise over Bora Bora for day 6 of our 80-day voyage. For breakfast, we kept it super classy- as always- with delicious eggs Benedict. We then got on our dive gear and headed out to the beautiful clear blue waters of French Polynesia. The groups were split between the open water divers and the advanced divers. The open water divers were a bit luckier this morning, seeing stingrays while learning the basic techniques of becoming a certified scuba diver. After our dives, we ate a quick lunch and left our spot on the outskirts of the island and headed into the Baie de Povai. Upon dropping anchor, some of us decided to head into town! It wasn’t a typical tourist attraction town- so we found our fun in watching a local soccer game (with Alex joining in) and enjoying some local cuisine as well (which somehow even halfway across the world consisted of french fries). The day came to an end with a nice ocean shower and yet another beautiful sunset. For dinner, our fine chefs prepared a delicious shrimp Alfredo that was preceded by our nightly squeeze. The question of the night thought up by the lovely Franchesca (aka me): What is the ‘best’ worst idea you have ever had? And let me tell you the answers were very much related to a lot of the doctor’s visits you parents have had to deal with. The open divers will now end their night with two more open water videos while the rest of us prepare ourselves for another night of anchor watch under the beautiful starry skies of the South Pacific. p.s. HI MOM AND DAD!! xo, Franchesca