Location: Soufriere, St. Lucia

Today I woke up to a leisure morning. The breakfast included a wide variety of fruit and cold drinks, and then off to the beach close by to an OCB class sitting on the sand. After class, we walked up to two vans and drove through Soufriere, the main town, and to the local Botanical Garden. We walked through the garden, then sat down leisurely around a small gift shop with some snacks. After sitting down for a few minutes, we walked even further to a cool-looking waterfall. After taking some nice pictures at the waterfall, we walked back to the vans, which brought us back to our mooring site. But we did not go back to Ocean Star just yet. Instead, we hiked up the hill to some popular hot springs and had a very relaxing afternoon in natural hot water. We stayed for a while, even trough some refreshing tropical rain. Eventually, we walked back to Ocean Star. After shower time, we had our scheduling meeting for the next week. Then we finished off with dinner, which included some delicious barbeque chicken and beans and with a very interesting SLD class that involved discussing the results of our Meyers-Briggs personality test. Overall it was another good day.