Location: Dominica

Today we had traveled up to Portsmouth from Roseau on the southern part of the island. After setting sails we ventured out to the 1000 m contour line to look for whales. After last night’s talk from Shane, we were all pretty eager to see some sperm whales fluking. In order to accomplish this, we had two people in the crows nest looking for the whales to blow. After seeing two whales, the wind increased and we had to douse the fore’ rather quickly because of the degree of heel. As we got closer to Portsmouth the wind played a few tricks on us. At one point there was no wind at all and then 15 minutes later we were seeing 50 knots of sustained wind. It was definitely an exciting passage as some of the crew had never been in wind that strong. We anchored around 2:30 and had an afternoon class followed by showers. After dinner we had another class in the salon. Most of us are planning to go to bed early in anticipation of the trip up the Indian River.