Location: Cade's Reef, Antigua

Woke up everyone by saying, “Good morning! Give me your ankle” and tying an anklet on them while playing Walking On a Dream by Empire and the Sun. Breakfast consisted of a frittata, pineapple, granola with yogurt, made for us by our amazing chefs, Maddie, AK, and Ash. Jay, Tenley, Kasey, Mackenzie, and I grabbed our snorkels to scope out a potential dive site with the help of Marley! It was a WILD ride full of laughs in good ole Erve (our dinghy). By the time we got to the sight, it had looked like we had already gone swimming! After scoping out the sight, we decided it wouldn’t be a great dive sight due to the wavy conditions along with the shallowness of the reef. While we were snorkeling, our friends were back on Ocean Star, continuing their Emergency First Responder course. After a delicious lunch (we love our chefs !!), as a crew, we decided to set sail and go back to Antigua so we can get some great sailing today great diving in tomorrow. We began making preparations to set sail, bringing up the anchors (shout out to Mackenzie for her mad flaking and sweating skills!) and the sails (shout out to Kasey, Kelsey, Allistaire, Jay, AK, and Maddie for being amazing sweaters!). The whole crew put in the work, and we were able to set a personal record for setting up sails (35 min). Off to Antigua, we went! It was a beautiful day for sailing. The sail was full of learning, laughs, good convos, and of course, getting absolutely soaked (it was like riding the log ride at Disney)! I was even able to helm for about half the trip! Thanks to an awesome crew, we are only about 45 minutes away from anchoring. The adventure continues tomorrow!