Location: St. Eustatius

Today we woke up to the sound of “Canned Heat” by Jamiroquai to start off a wonderful day. We ate breakfast in the early sun at about 7am. After breakfast, we quickly got our dive gear ready so we could make it to the dock at 8:30am to be on time for our dive. We all hopped in the dinghy and rode over to a dive charter boat that was operated by a man named Yuri. Our dive was on a shipwreck called the Charlie Brown. This boat was an old cable-laying ship. It is a very large shipwreck! The dive was about 100ft deep. Running through the hull of the ship is a tunnel that used to house the cables on the ship when they needed to fix underwater connections. This tunnel runs almost the entire length of the ship and we were able to swim through it. It was nearly completely dark in the tunnel and felt as though we were floating in space. After the swim through, we were greeted by two black tip sharks that swam around us curiously. After the dive, we went back to Ocean Star and began an experiment. This experiment involved filtering plankton from different depths in the water column and measuring their abundance with the help of our microscopes. We were able to see many zoo planktonic organisms and algae up close. After these experiments, we had a short amount of study time and then had OCB class. After that, due to the tiring nature of the day, most of us swiftly and strategically fell into our bunks (or hammocks) and were fast asleep.