Location: Madeira

Today was a day. I woke up in a panic because waking people up scares meeee. But guess who did it? Me. After a quick and hearty wakeup, we started the morning with some delectable, scrumptious, very tasty muffins that weren’t exactly shaped like muffins, but they were amazing. It put us in a mood. Speaking of moods, today was rough. But we made it through.

We did some nav master/diving action. I started off with navigation with Ghost, Julia, and Skylar, and we crushed it (obviously). The test is still gonna suck, but we gonna live, laugh love our way through it. After that, nav group 1 did all the beginning boat prep to sail away, but we never sailed away.

Looking forward to new surprises coming up!!

After lunch, my group took a dive off the stern of Vela. The water was absolutely frigid but was well worth it after we spotted octopi, sea stars, sea slugs, and all sorts of fish along the rocks.

Amongst other things today, we switched watch groups, Ghost givin tats, Coops birthday (YAYYYY), and some foxhole bonding (pictured above). It started rocky but had a solid finish.


The clinic children are alive and well (we sing them to sleep every night <3)
Asa did his laundry (no more stinky boy)
Dive group 2 spotted some octopi
I took a fantastic nap
Ghost also took a fantastic nap

And to those back home:
Ello Herb Hawties Serb Ll Ierb All Cerb Ou Yerb Oon Serb Ecause Berb Ierb Ave Herb O Serb Uch Merb Ea Terb