Location: La Spezia, Italy

Awoken before sunrise, the crew quickly ate their cereal and stumbled through the empty streets of Porto Venere towards the bus station. As we neared La Spezia, our bus quickly filled with young students on their way to school and businessmen as well. After grabbing coffee and checking the internet, we took a packed train to Manerosa, the furthest of the five small villages that comprise the Cinque Terre. Situated right on the mountainous coast, these small villages are remnants of the area’s fishing culture and are now connected by a series of trails that run along the cliffs over the water. We hiked among the vines and lemon trees from one village to another as we enjoyed the insane views and cool company. After having returned and dined, we made the boat ready for passage and headed south for Rome. Arrividerci from Argo.