Location: Civitavechia, Italy

We woke up this morning for an early breakfast in preparation for our long day exploring Rome. I happened to be the skipper of the day for such an awesome event, so I was responsible for briefing my fellow shipmates and crew. I suggested some comfortable shoes, camera, a lot of water, and even some rain gear. Breakfast was finished and we did some walking and a little train ride, then we shortly ended up in Rome. I was shocked to see many of the sights, hundreds of different statues and ancient ruins, all made for great photos. This was a full day event but at 6 o’clock we gathered in the middle of Rome and had our squeeze with everyone looking at us. We proudly continued to dinner. Dinner was fantastic. We sat down at a restaurant and had antipasto, or appetizers, brought out to us “hungry Americans,” one right after another, until we were satisfied. Great people, great food, great sights, loved Rome- A.J.